Following this proposal, which refers to the intervention with 50 articles in the magazine Al-harafish under the theme “humor between diapers”, I chose to address some issues inherent to the current European Union and portray them through the gap between the 50 sovereign states of the continent.
The dismemberment of Europe derives from the exponent of a technocratic and economistic doctrine, in which the market remains as the only unifying element. The social and political regulation has been falsely idealised by neo-liberalism after World War II.
I used steel peeps as an object of intervention due to its simple form, which induces however a pervasive feature: being stuck on earth, to hold something superficial to the ground level.
Each of the spies are wired with the same chromatic patterns of the flags of each sovereignty. In turn, the spy is wrapped in a cloth of blue sapphire, which is inscribed the title “Arminete de Prestígio” and a serial number.
“Arminete de Prestígio” or “Arminete for Prestige” in english, is the name for some utensils of African tribalist, mainly used by ethnic groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These objects serve to affirm the prestige and the dignity of the carrier and its chief category. The arminetes are characterized by two elongated blades perpendicular between them, similar to the basic structure of spies. The arminetes used to be adorned and the artists who produced them were generously paid and given unlimited time to achieve the encomenda.1 These pieces serve as satirical manifesto against european hierarchies and art market demands.



1 MEYER, Laure -”Objectos Africanos. Vida quotidiana, ritos, artes de corte.” Livros e livros, 2001.