Article for the Art and Architecture Magazine PUNKTO #03

Exhibition and Performance at Matéria Prima, Porto – curator: Punkto (Pedro Bismarck e Pedro Oliveira)

Exhibition and Performance at Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisboa – curator: Natcho Checa



This project collects copies of the book “Pereira de Barros, Manuel G. (1957), O Círculo Meridiano da Faculdade de Ciências do Porto, Porto, pp. 11-30.”; 16mm film and diaporama 6x6cm.


In collaboration with Paulo T. Silva, we developed a research on the astronomic observatory “Casa do Círculo Meridiano”. This building was built through the comand of Professor Manuel Barros in 1952.

Titled “Instrument for Passages” it supported high technology equipments, only founded in similar structures in Russia and Canada. Because of the lack of financial support, Manuel Barros bought the plants of those equipments and most of them were actually built in portuguese shipyards for a third of the price. Unfortunately, the investment on that Project had never relevant payback, because there were no qualified personnel for its maintenance, falling quickly into an obsolete technology.

Presented for the first time as an article in the Magazine of Art and Architecture “Punkto” and as installation and a performance for the launch of the Magazine, using live 16mm video and 6×6 diaporamas.