Galeria Fábrica Features, Lisboa.

Curadoria – Margarida Mendes


Flux Aeterna is the result of a collaborative work with Carsten Goertz realised at the KHM Cologne, Germany.

LOFAR (www.lofar.org) is currently the most powerful radio-telescope in the world. It records information from space, that is correlated to the state of the universe around 10 billion years ago. Flux Aeterna is an experimental design project based on adventurous deep space observations. Sculptural objects are generated by algorithms, that process the recorded data and use these values to define points in a threedimensional space. By connecting the points, patterns and closed surfaces take shape and grow towards an abstract architecture. As an alternative model, Flux Aeterna raises questions on the scientific perception of nature in a macroscopic dimension – at a borderline, where the fluctuation between imagination and knowledge turns unshirkable into a creative construction, no matter which concrete method is applied.

Three particular frequencies in the radio-spectrum (60Mhz, 57,5Mhz and 55Mhz) were observed for 24 hours at a sample-interval of 10 seconds. The three exhibited models were generated by feeding simple algorithms with different combinations of the values.