photo credits: David Pinzer

Zavoloka and Laetitia Morais have been collaborating since 2007, when they first met during the participation on an event in Portugal. Zavoloka’s music is deep and intrinsic, filled by several layers of pure sounds and despite its force, always keeps organicity combining with Laetitia’s visuals, who constantly search for the affinity between physical and digital elements. 
 They both improvise on stage, so the setup is open to unknown variations. It happens that the only premise for their show is the concept, which occurred during the Zavoloka’s album release VITER for wind, VEDANA for water and the recent VOLYA for fire which will be revealed together for the first time in Ljubljana.  
 Together they had shows in Audiovisiva – Milan; Avalanche – Porto; Madeira Dig – Madeira; Rewire – The Hague; Cynetart – Dresden; Kvitvechir – Kiev; Europejski Stadion Kultury – Rzeszów; Mózg – Bydgoszcz and Elbphilharmonie – Hamburg.